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The Harvest 12 Initiative is a guide to equip you in your discipleship journey. If you are a new believer or a mature follower of Christ desiring to grow and disciple others, this series of classes is the motivational cornerstone of our culture here at Harvest.

You learn that as "HARVESTERS" we:


By being God's Ambassadors in our local community and beyond


Daily time in God's Word


Worship and Intercede for Family and Friends


Unsaved Family and Friends to Harvest

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An 8-week class that takes new believers through the gospel of Mark and covers a variety of topics. Once you complete this class, we celebrate and recognize your accomplishment with a Graduation Ceremony.

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We all have been given gifts, talents and abilities. In this 4-week class, discover what they are and learn how you can share your gifts with the rest of the body.

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The focus of this 6-week class is the power of the Holy Spirit in ones life. You will discover the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they function within the life of a believer.

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As believers, we have been called to be a witness. Sharing our testimony, our story, with those that don't know Christ. In this 2-week class, you will learn how to share your story and be an effective witness.

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After being a part of our community for the past several months and knowing our vision, values and mission, you may desire to go further with Harvest and attend this 1-week Partnership Class. By becoming a partner, you have decided to give your gifts, talents and abilities to use within the Harvest community.

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