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1st and 3rd Saturday of each month

10am-12pm in the Ministry Center at Harvest Church

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Rights and Responsibilities

In accordance with the US Department of Agriculture policy, you will not be discriminated against based on race, gender, age, handicap, religious affiliation

or national origin.

If you experience any changes in your circumstances, it is your responsibility to

inform our Food Pantry Staff.

If you no longer meet the set income guidelines or fail to provide required

eligibility documentation, you will no longer qualify to participate on a continuous

basis and receive nutritional assistance.

TEFAP, The Emergency Food Assistance Program, is a federally funded program that helps supplement the nutritional needs of low-income Americans, including the elderly. TEFAP provides emergency food and nutritional assistance at no cost based on the availability to meet the eligibility and income guidelines explained on this page.


How do I qualify?

You need to meet the eligibility and income guidelines set

by the US Department

of Agriculture.

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Why are there

income guidelines?

We receive the bulk of our

food from the Weinberg

Regional Food Bank. They

receive their funding from

both federal and state

programs that require set income guidelines.


Household Size



























For each

additional family

member add:




1. A valid photo identification

2. Proof of address for household

3. Proof of income

(which includes: wages, social security, disability, supplemental

income, child support, TANF, pensions and food stamps)

4. Social Security Number

5. Full Name, Age and Date of Birth

In our efforts to protect your confidentiality, all of your submitted information is securely kept in locked files.